From the recording Unapologetically_______

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Welcome to Wawa's World
We up in Wawa's World
You better grab your girl

They used to tell me Dip Hop wouldn't shake
I hate to break it to you but the Deaf talents great
And since the beginning
We been winning
Y'all just late
Ever since 17 was told to wait
Was laughed at baited and hated
Hearies manipulated
But I just stuck to the plan now they appreciate me
I'm bridging gaps
No single strings attached
And We don't count favors
Some real ones
Matter fact
Let me put you on to game
Plenty to eat up in this lane
Whether its cover songs
Original work cuz the fame
Don't really matter
Come get a platter
As long as the culture respected
Ain't no need to shatter
Any dreams
Unless moneys
The factor to you actors
Faking team
Get yourself blasted by the masters getting cream
Only a matter of time for the regime to get real extreme
Just pay it forward so Deaf wings can be seen

A life lived for others
The only life worth living
Be humble, appreciative
Respectful and driven
The ultimate tone, is your sermon
Which often defines your purpose
So preach your version
And pass the baton
Keep passing it forward
Every blow you can soften
Every hand you can lead
Setting an example
Truly everything
To bend someone's path
Change minds
Realign, redefine
But what you want to be is remembered
Long after your time

Since day one I been that cool dude
Mama taught not to be rude
Rooted from the old school
Who ever knew I made history
With the helix boyz crew some didn't have a clue
Real hip hop never dies
Outside Inside
Throw up your H and let da beat ride
Now keep your head to the sky, bull eyes
Yeah! Yeah! Go fly high right
Don't slip and go under
Keep your life on the humble
Only need respect and nothing less
I must confess we da best
Deaf and proud we got braveheart
Work hard play hard
Life fast like a nascar
Keep your spirit in da right place
Mind in a safe space in this rat race
No time for hocus pocus
Must stay focus for our life purpose
Pay it forward

Its B
Yea you know
I gotta pay it forward
Wake up in the morning
I praise the Lord
Had my days when I didn't wanna do more
They laughed in my face
Then they really slammed the door
I refuse to give up
So I explore
Ya girl on the grind
Coming through the back door
I pay it forward
Now I'm a real mentor
Can't stop what God put me here for
I love my culture
I do it for the culture
These haters really vulgar
Let's get along stop focusing on color
I'ma say this one time Beautiful is a lover
But if you cross the line
I'ma teach you some structure
Let's elevate to a whole nother level
It's mad grind time
Go head grab a shovel
Let's push forward
Put ya feet to da pedal