Me...a rapper who happens to be DEAF

Warren “Wawa” Snipe an acclaimed Hip Hop Recording Artist hailing from the DC/MD/VA area, has been making music with an insatiable drive since he first picked up the mic in 2005. His charismatic and diligent persona and genre, "Dip Hop" (Hip Hop through deaf eyes), has garnered critical reception and positive acclaim over the past 15+ years. This unique sound of audio and imagery has helped WAWA develop a growing fanbase and has landed him many opportunities on stage, in the studio, and within the music industry. 

WAWA's rendering of Dip Hop explores Hip Hop in a way that educates people about deaf musicians in the hearing world, with the hope of putting deaf Recording Artists on the map in mainstream public interest. This admirable pursuit has showcased WAWA's interest in inspiring others to aspire, even those who face challenges. 

In 2016, WAWA released his sophomore album "Deaf: So What?!", which further explores the pursuit of proving that a disadvantage can be its polar opposite. It serves as an album of inspiration for those who understand and pursue music without the sense of hearing. In 2022 he released 2 albums, “Wamilton“ and “Unapologetically ___”. Now, with new music in the works, WAWA is taking more steps towards his ultimate goal of turning a disadvantage into a core strength for someone musically. 
WAWA's talent has not gone unnoticed. In 2021, he performed the National Anthem at Super Bowl LV and the Halftime show at LVI (2022). He has also made appearances on popular TV shows such as Black Lightning (CW) and Fear The Walking Dead (AMC). With such an impressive career, it's no surprise that WAWA continues to make waves in the music and acting industry.