From the recording Wamilton

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What do you know about black deaf people or their history
Oh I see a lot of blank faces right now, hmm
Lemme bring you up to speed

Sit your butt down
Listen good, where’s the camera
This is my folks, my tribe
Holla, holla
Pay attention y’all
Cuz this never ain’t gonna stop
Get yourself woke cuz we risin’ to the top

You ain’t ready yo
you never thought about it
Make it rain names
Be about it , bout it
We in beast mode
We don’t stop
The quote of the day bel
Where was I
Full stop

Andrew Foster, the man with the plan
Built 32 school in Africa motherland

Claudia Gordon, lawyer from our tribe
Break in’ down barriers with
And she rise

CJ Jones is the freakin living legend
Baby Driver, Avatar, where you been man

Ernest Hairston and Linwood Smith
Black Deaf in America, that book,
Yo get it, get it

Wwhhooo, oh my gosh, I’m just gettin start
Oh my gosh
Did you have a brain overload right now
Did your brain fart
Lesson #2
Here we go

Jade #deaftalent
Filmmaker, trailblazer
Not to be messed

Dr. Glenn Anderson
Dr. Shirley Allen
Who got next
Take that challenge

Deaf blind lawyer, Haben Girma
Remeber the name, Harvard grad
She takin ovah

Leyland Lyken
DJ Supa Lee
Been bringing you beats that put your soul at ease

More please

Michael A. Spady
Killin it with Hammer and more
Y’all ain’t ready

Gotta dance
Hit my bro Shaheem
The way this dude move
Yo, you swear he’s hearing

Crackin jokes
Sheen Lyles, Big Alex, Harold Foxx
Hollywood where ya at
Where they spot

Rosa Lee of The Rosa Lee Show
NBC, ABC, Netflix
Let’s go!

Breathe in
Breathe out
Breathe in
Breathe out
You ok now
Let’s continue

Matt Maxey
Antoine Hunter
Fred Michael Beam
You ain’t stealing their thunder

Storm Smith
Natasha Ofili
Treshelle Edmond
They makin 3’s on their dreams

Alexandria Wailes
Lauren Ridloff
Angel Theory
Yo, it’s a dance off

Lindsay Dunn
Sheryl Emery
With Knowledge so rich
Add Dr. Joseph Hill
It’s history

Angela McCaskill
Carolyn McCaskill
Kristi Merriweather
Sir Tim Albert
Don’t forget my man
Curtis Pride
Knockin diamonds outta park
Oh, what a ride
What a ride

This is my love for my tribe
Holla holla
Now the knowledge is yours
Holla holla

There’s more out there
Makin’ plays
Under one love
We rep NBDA

That’s enough lesson for now
Let ya digest this
Food for thought
When ya ready for dessert
Come joins us for some