1. LOUD!
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I'm gonna lose it
You're gonna lose it
We're gonna lose it
Let's go

Captain Wawa
Stargate log: don’t care
Pandemic got me losing air
Where’s my flare?
That’s your mask
That’s a yeah

Stay back, dance right there
Doc said 6ft, I don’t care
I need that human contact not VR
May I, May I , my precious dear?

My neurons kinda fried
Make no sense
Don’t kill my vibe
Oh, I just quoted Lamar
Dang! that’s a dollar for the jar

In my world, there’s no sound
Pop on the CI , yeah, it’s loud
Stuck in the house, there’s no crowd
Bet, I’m gonna get loud

Sorry but not sorry
Cuz I like it loud
This is my world
Wear it proud
Haters gonna hate
Blow a kiss
Make ‘em growl
Shake it, shimmy, drop it baby
Pop it really loud

Yo, we in the Jetson age
Pay me in bitcoin
Zoom if ya wanna see me
I’ll be in my drawers (ha)
It is what it is
But it aint gotta be
Ya dig

I’m an ambivert so I’ll flirt
Then run inside
I’m that type of jerk
Hop out the back yard
Kick a lil twist and shout
Neighborhood’s peekin’ at ya
Come on y’all
Come on out

I’m too bless to be stressed
I aint the one to be messed with
You would think I’m possessed
Well, You may be corrected

Tired of the political drama
Make me wanna vote for my momma
Made a run sentence, no comma
Crack a joke
Silent haha


Hey, ok ok
Oh hey Ok, Ok
Hey, ok, ok
OH hey, ok, ok