From the recording Deaf: So What?!

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Capital to Capital

Helsinki Washington connection then noh must!
Real is real you noh. Radical, and tactical one nation together a murder

(Rapped in Finnish)
Helsinki, on the coast of Finland
Livings easy for the small nation
24 hours of sun light
The nightless nights bring pleasure
Blue eyes, blond hair
have a taste, you'll stay here
and you never wanna leave

We're not afraid of a frost bite
We'll party, even if there's a meter or two of snow
This is Finland
As a hockey nation, best in the world
Ice skating, best in the world
Snowboarding, best in the world
We don't give a damn if winter is coming

People rise to their feet, when we tune to this frequency
Yeah! This is!


Call up all my friends
We're about to hit the city (city)
Rollin up to Ben's
Just to get a bowl of chili (chili)
From Capital to Capital
The District to Helsinki (-sinki)
Don't go up pon di gullyside
Dem killas shoot at 50 (boom-boom-boom)

Motorcades, police brigades
You might just see Barrack Obama
Humid Summers & snow storms
Navy Seals that killed Osama
Democrats & Republicans
Mafias and pre-madonnas
On weekends we turn up
We legalized that marijuana

Go-go bands and mumbo sauce
The talk of the town
This song is hot like metro
We be shuttin' it down
The tracks be so on fire
You see smoke on the ground
Shoutout to Helsinki
Showing love all around


Seh we lock down every city, seh we lock down every town,
every whea we go a we the people affee crown,
doh noh badda frown listen to we sound,
everywhea we go we a the talk a the town.
lock down every city seh wi lock down
every town talk a the city international sound. phenomenal the marshal tell dem we noh parshall, gallong go tell them this yah style is international, lock dung every city lock down every capitol, no boy noh gal noh teck mi fi noh idol. everywhea we go the people dem feel so glad, anytime we left yuh know them feel so sad, style and that tatics weh the dj have, yes we bad we bad we bad bad,bad,bad,bad,bad