From the recording Deaf: So What?!

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All That’s Left

Don’t make it hard or pretend
Grace amended all that's left
All through the night

No where near you and I felt demons chasin’ me
I hit rock bottom but I felt him embracing me
I can’t fathom why he died for me
Billion people in the galaxy he worried about me?
Sittin and I'm thinkin and I'm wishing
how can this be
Bow down to my knees
I just need some piece
All these blessings for me
might cop a Jesus peace
Cuz we all born sinners and yeah it's a cold world
But it's still goin twirl like cinnamon swirl
I’ve done and been thru what u wouldn’t believe
I'm setting goals for myself they said I couldn't achieve
A fishing rod and a puddle bet I'll still catch a killer whale
I just wanna see the light never wanna see the hell
Tryna be forgiven like a innocent man in that cell
throwing prayers in the air like pennies in a wishing well
I just hope they wish me well yeah

Don’t make it hard or pretend
Grace amended all that's left

Now my wishes coming true and I'm living my dreams
I got folks showing love that I thought I'd never see
I never felt like this
It's all for the love
Not the love of money
but the love for up above
I kill the negatives
Tell God I got this
I will just like smith
I feel like Fresh Prince
Idk if I deserve this I did this and have that
I hope the snakes get caught in the rat traps
Prayers goin out like emails and snapchats
I know I push the message
I show I get my blessings
Once I use 'em
I might send em
To you without question
Aint to hurt but to lift you
I give you
The recipe
I just hope my destiny is heavenly
With angel wings and water falls and my family
And to tell God he's my therapy
And sometimes, the only one there for me
Thank you


Raise your hands if you’ve been touched by his love
Never be ashamed, I know I’m not
no sir
Not known by one name, but many
Lord, Provider, Giver, Deliverer
Mighty King, Savior, Yeshua, Jehovah
Holy, GOD, God Almighty
By all these your name is worthy to be praised!