1. Speech Therapy

From the recording Deaf: So What?!

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Speech Therapy

Black, deaf, and I got an accent
I'm still dope
Like crack out the plastic
don’t get it twisted cuz my voice
Still got the club lit
Like match sticks
They say Wawa you sound so different
It's cranks doe make the whole word listen
Everything big I'm about big business
Make that booty drop all my big booty
I got whatchu never knew you needed
Stunting on you regardless you goin see it
Feel like 2pac mixed wit the Beatles
Even if I can't hear u while I perform I could see u
I'm seeing signs like I'm Mel Gibson
I'm on my grind then I'm kick flipping
I really don't care if you think I sound different
I cooked this flow inside Hell's Kitchen

Look we tryna learn your ways forever
But if we find a middle ground we could work together
Like sound out the letters but show me what you're saying
They want charades I throw parades that go crazy
I ain't never gonna send you mixed signals
I like my crowds and my money and my woman bilingual
I was born this way they say it's unfair
Like Picasso meets Chuck Baird
I keep my head high in the sky
Deaf pride rocks and it never dies
I see what you hear and I hear everything
Married to the game, no wedding ring
I stack big racks like Carmen Electra
Learn of the game from a deaf professor
I just want what I deserve with some extras
Jet fly throw wings on a Tesla

Now bounce, bounce trampoline
Now make sumn shake like a tambourine
Pull up same color as a tangerine
Now bring it back like a time machine (2x)