From the recording Deaf: So What?!

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Only ASL One

OOOHH, Na-na
OOOOHH, Na-na, Yeah
You are the only one (2x)

Her hearing aids were purple

Moved her hands all in a circle

Didn't know what she was sayin’

But she knew, I was nervous
She was lookin at me funny

Cuz my signs were very clumsy 

Started learning just a month ago

Teachers think I'm terrible
Wonder if she likes to dance

Should I ask her anyway?

Wonder if I have a chance

If I practiced every day
Fingerspell, I'm messin up

wonder what she thinking of

If I just communicate

Maybe I can learn to say


Does she date hearing guys?

I hope it doesn't matter

Cuz every time I look at her

Her ass getting fatter
Will my sisters like her

Will my Mom accept her

They never met a Deafie

With an accent pretty heavy
Her lights always flashing

Cuz her world is like a club

Everything vibrate
I think I'm in love
If she came from Venus

Well, I must be from Mars

When its all over

Will she meet me at the stars?
She is such a rebel

Every day is full of action

Fascinating language 

Wished it came with closed captions
I want to say I like her

Maybe she can teach me how

So I made a gesture and

Oh, I got her attention…now