From the recording Deaf: So What?!

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Bounce with Me

Bounce with Me
and be my fantasy
a magic love so right, it’s coming over me
oh Baby bounce with me
and be my fantasy tonight, tonight
I hold you tight
oh baby (2x)

Baby, baby
I know it’s real but it’s like a dream
that GOD brought to life
prayers answered
I can’t believe
made me a better man
yeah heard straight from me
I aint trippin cuz I know where I’m gonna be
the way you love just blows me
It’s got a hold over me
c’mon and
Roll with me
don’t let it go
dont wanna be alone ya see
is this real or another game cuz my eyes
keepin’ playin’
I see you gawkin’ like you can’t believe
from your dreams I pop
wanna vibe with me
peeps saying “OOH, AH love da chemistry
it’s love at first sight, yeah it’s history
baby steps we took
our crew screamed
pedal to da metal and
our love be like WHOA!
Struttin’ like George Jefferson
screamin’ YO
Told my crew
I’m so in love


Can I get a witness I swear I’m in bliss
I ain’t missin’ this, I’m catered to you
I’m enthralled
lovestruck, i’m tripping on reality
i’m feeling really lucky
and I’m signing SHE’S IT!
you just met but we connect
on a whole crazy level
Y’all screaming foul, NO, crap
here’s a shovel
Relax, y’all
have a sip or two
repeat after me
this is what i do

In this world we have a good time
In this world your love is mine
tell me things that blows your mind
got all the time
say it again
c’mon now
In this world we have a good time
In this world your love is mine
tell me things that blows your mind
got all the time
so get it
c’mon baby


Don’t want this night end but I know it gotta
Pick a place love cuz you and me, we be globe trottin’
I hate to see you leave but I love the way you go
what we got, ain’t a shocker cuz we got flow
so let them haters get a frenzy, whacked with envy
let ‘em be cuz it’s aight
we be we
they want what you got so they schemin’
If GOD is for us, who can go against WE
Clap clap, give HIM (give HIM)
everybody know our love here to
Let no one come between us
or they gonna
but honestly, keep going’ don’t give ‘em a
Yeah, this is us cuz
A Queen like you deserve the best from better
my boys think i’m whipped cuz I let it
don’t get it twisted cuz I’m beaming ear to ear
and I don’t care cuz
I tellin' ya, I’m so in love